HKY4Vets Virtual Hiring Event for Military & Civilian Talent

Opportunities in the Hickory Metro (NC)


About the Hickory Metro Virtual Hiring Event

Thank you for finding us today, and we hope our upcoming virtual hiring event represents a great first step in your career journey.

We are currently onboard participating employer partners from across the Hickory Metro (NC) region plan to join us June 18th, representing a diverse array of opportunities in everything from advanced manufacturing, healthcare, local government and more.  We anticipate between 15-20 employers to participate. 

The Hickory Metro Virtual Hiring event will connect you directly with our employer partners directly from the comfort of your home, office, smartphone or tablet.  Using this online platform, talented individuals like you will be able to explore the available information and opportunities, and participate in 1-on-1 text-based chats with representatives from Hickory Metro employers.

This will provide you with a great chance to share your background and experience, while getting some of your questions about that next step answered.

How It Works

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