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This online chat will connect you directly with organizations from the comfort of your classroom, library, computer center, home, smartphone or tablet. Our online, cloud-based platform makes it easy and fun for you to participate. After signing in, you'll be able to explore each exhibiting company's information and opportunities and participate in 1-on-1 text-based chats with their recruiters. Share your background and experience, and get all your questions answered.  This event provides the opportunity for you to engage in interviews directly with companies you are interested in, in an easy, non-intimidating format. 

Nowhere else would you be able to get directly in front of hiring organizations without the expenses incurred and inconveniences associated with travel.  The College Diversity Network is hosting this event solely for you by providing exclusive access to top hiring companies.  Please take this incredible opportunity and sign up today to attend!


About The College Diversity Network:

The College Diversity Network is a network of job websites run in partnership with leading colleges and universities with diverse student bodies. Each participating school has a co-branded College Diversity Network job website that is integrated into its school website and promoted to students as a resource to find jobs at companies that value diversity. All jobs showcased in the network are exposed to students from every school’s student body.

Featured Opportunites:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Financial Institution Specialist (Bank Examiner), Nationwide

HP Inc.
North America Product and Market Analyst Intern, Boise, ID,  United States
Operations Intern for Commercial Workforce Services and Solutions, Spring, Texas, United States of America
Senior Cybersecurity Risk Assessor, Spring, Texas, United States of America, Boise, ID,  United States

Featured Companies:

HP Inc.
A company full of creators, innovators, and inventors who believe that one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. We are a technology company born of the belief that companies should do more than just make a profit. They should make the world a better place.

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